Wednesday, November 11, 2009

liking the idea of an idle caress

i tried to edit this down, and i'm not completely satisfied. i think it is missing something.

you squeeze
(even mangle)
my prerogative
turn it to something
take it and hide it behind your smiling teeth
like a piece of gum
casually moved out of my view

a scene is set
the feather is perched
oh-so-precariously on the edge of the table
the cat
poised to pounce
the marbles leaping on the hard floor
(my heart jumps a little at the thought
the reverberations of arrythmia
felt in earlobes
the fingers search for an occupation)

again, the color rises in me
there is a frenzy stirring below this surface
and all you can do is grin and watch the fallout


this is a short little something that filled up the margin of the page. it's sassy. maybe i will continue on with this at a later date.

you move like a man i used to sleep with.
he could not handle
the love that i sectioned off
and spoon fed him.

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