Tuesday, November 17, 2009

incense and sunglasses on orchard street

i met with an old friend today, and it was like....whoa. sometimes you don't even realize there is a gaping hole in your life until someone starts to kind of contort their self into the shape of the hole with the express intention of filling it in. i can only smile about it.

i had forgotten
the shape of your mouth
when your lips curve to smile
the shock of straight, white teeth

it is a memory
that i will dog-ear
mark "for future reference"
now that i have
a keener understanding
of where such memories should be kept

such memories are kept
near that indexed spot
where happiness is also stored


taking the view of you in from across the table
i feel old memories shift
they loosen themselves from the mental woodwork
like spiders
creeping down a thin sinew
to the present

i think back to an evening
where you and i
held hands in a dark room
and pondered those transcendental things
those mysteries
and love

we were children then
free from the weights of obligation
that we carry around today
like tarnished badges of honor
there was mental space
that we had devoted
to one another
and we intended to fill it with
those fantastical hypotheses
that only our joint genius could produce

we had little understanding
of that omnicscient reason
we were brought together
which i think
is probably still the case

and in some ways
you and i
will always be in that dark room
holding hands
having a semi-conscious experience
thinking big thoughts
and i am glad
that some part of that carefree past
will live on
ghosting the moments between our sleep and wake

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