Sunday, November 15, 2009

fight this- the language barrier

a palpable tension rises-a dense fog
we find we are somehow equipped
to feel our way through

i imagine two antennae
protruding from our heads
reaching out to read the chemical messages
that float in the air between us

the typical senses are dulled
the cells do their hurried work
compensating, acting out a part
written in the language of a dream
a continuation without conscious effort

our fingers and mouths are numbed
stunned by their own irrelevance
a cruel joke of evolution it is
to leave those organs there, sans occupation


(a revelation)

with you there can be no secrets
you could coax a murderer's confession from me

words leave my mouth half-laughing
as if i were caught in a photograph
taken at an absurd angle
unable to digest your innuendos

the sarcasms that i pour out
the same bland, tasteless effusions
that my tastebuds have grown accustomed to
now come tinged in truth
that stings and burns
on the exit

i must manage this condition
if left unchecked,
your ability to douse words from me
(water from a stone)
your vision
could burrow a hole
into some currently vacant room of the heart
thus ending my ability
to resist your particularly vicious carcinoma

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